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Belleek Pottery was established in 1857

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Countdown to Saint Patrick’s Day

Saint Patrick’s Day will come and go, but grab your green at 26 Cuna Street for the festive occasion.

Beautiful Irish Gifts With A Click

Gifts for the Home, Weddings, Marriage, and more. Click on the items below to expand the selection.

Irish Religious Gifts

We carry an assortment of wall crosses, holy water fonts, statuary, and rosaries.  Click to expand the selection.

Gifts For The Irish First Responders In Your Life

Caps and shirts representing the National Police Service and Firefighters in Ireland.

Celebrating Over 160 Years Of Belleek Fine Parian China

Belleek Pottery was established in 1857 and is one of Northern Ireland’s oldest potteries. Collectible pieces for over 160 years, click to expand the selections below.

A Long Lost Trade: Irish Clay Pipes

Nestled in the village of Knockcroghery in County Roscommon, Republic of Ireland, clay pipes were forged for almost 3,000 years. Now they have been revived using traditonal and modern methods to bring these historic Irish Clay Pipes to you. In this video, Ethel Kelly breaks down the steps needed to forge these beautiful clay pipes that you can sit back and enjoy with a nice Guinness or whiskey on a perfect day.

The Gems Made of Heather

The heather is collected from the Perthshire hills of Scotland. The stems are then dried, shot-blasted to remove the bark and dyed various colors to reflect the hues and shades of the heather moors and stunning Scottish landscape. Stems of different colors and thickness are mixed and compressed into a block. Approximately 60 tons of pressure is required to press the stems together. The heather block is then cut into slices and individual pieces are cut, sanded, and shaped by skilled craft people before being lacquered to give the final finish.

Father to Son: Irish Handmade Glass Company

After the closure of the Waterford Crystal factories in Ireland in 2009, a team of master craftsmen came together & formed The Irish Handmade Glass Company. Located in the Kite Design Studios on Henrietta Street, in the heart of The Viking Triangle in Waterford City.

100% mouth blown & hand cut crystal made in Waterford, Ireland

The Symbols of the Celts

Have you ever wondered,what these symbols mean?

The Claddagh

Irishman Richard Joyce was fishing off Galway's Coast. He was to be married in one week.

His boat capsized and he was enslaved. He made a ring during slavery: The Claddagh.

Joyce's true love waited for him to return. They married and settled in Claddagh village.

The Irish Harp

The Irish Harp is based on the lyre.

It is one of the oldest instruments.

Ancient Irish Kings employed harpists to play.

It is the national emblem of Ireland.

It was on the first unofficial flag.

Ogham Writing

The "g" is silent when pronounced.

Ogham writing was named after the god Ogmos.

Ogmos was a Celtic god of knowledge and communication.

The alphabet contains twenty letters.

It is read right to left, top to bottom.

Ogham writing is the earliest writing of Ireland.

Saint Brigid's Cross

Saint Brigid was an abbess, founding the first monastery of Ireland.

Poor people came to her for her unbounded charity.

Her father, Dubntach, was angry over this.

He was a Leinster pagan Chieftan.

As he was dying, Saint Brigid made a cross from Rush.

He asked Brigid about Christianity, wanting to know this religion.

When Dubhtrach learned about Christianity, he died a converted pagan.

Brigid's monastery was located in Kildare. She lived to be 74.

Saint Brigid's cross is meant to expel evil and hunger from the home.

The Shamrock

Shamrocks are confused with the four-leaf clover.

They are a charm to ward off evil, not luck.

Shamrocks are meant to represent the Holy Trinity: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.

The Trinity Knot

Trinity Knots are also known as Triquetras.

They can represent the Holy Trinity.

Made from three interlocking circles, it is the oldest symbol before Christianity.

The Triskele

The Triskele is also known as the Triskelion. It is made from three interlocking spirals.

Triskelions represented the Triple Goddess: Maiden, Mother, and Crone.

Single or multiple spirals resembled rebirth and life.

The Irish Gift Shop of St. Augustine Florida

Come on in and say hello to shop owner, Grace Reed

“Every day I learn something new about Ireland and the gifts of Irish people to the world.  Most people don’t know that Hallowe’en started in Ireland, or that Irish monks preserved the scientific, artistic and literary treasures during the Dark Ages, introducing them during the age of Enlightenment.

And while most people think they know what a Leprechaun is, few know the legends and sagas of the Fairy world.  The wee folk are not all nice and some things are prescribed for protection.  For instance, you need to know how to keep Fairies from stealing your baby. You just need a silver bell on the cradle, and I’ll be happy to sell you one.”

You’re going to love your time here at The Irish Gift Shop. Make it a part of your next visit to America’s oldest city, Saint Augustine in beautiful sunny Florida.