You don't have to be Irish to love it here

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You don't have to be Irish to love it here Shop Now

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Come on in and say hello to shop owner, Grace Reed. Here we have an authentic Modern Irish Experience. The Irish Gift Shop is a St. Augustine institution. It first opened its doors in 1983 on St. George Street as The House of Ireland. The name was changed to The Irish Gift Shop in 2017, due to brand conflict with The House of Ireland in Dublin. Over the years and with different owners, the shop has become a favorite place to stop and shop on a visit to the Ancient City. There’s something for everyone here – fun, glamorous, practical, and beautiful, it’s true: you don’t have to be Irish to love it here.

Grace Reed has a long Celtic heritage. As a first generation American, her ties are close to the other side (as Nana used to call it). The stories are plentiful and the jokes are silly. Stop in and say “Hi” and add to the fun!

Take a virtual stroll through The Irish Gift Shop with our 360 view